LMT Forex Formula - Just made 3 trades using it

LMT Forex Formula review - To know more about how does this forex system works, In last 2 days I made 3 trades using the formula given in the course..The trades were placed on the daily chart.

(Let me tell you that the formula given in the LMT Forex Formula really requires just 15 minutes a day to identify a potential trade)

The 1st trade was on GBP/USD, the 2nd was on AUS/USD and 3rd on EUR/USD. Of these I made GBP/USD trade in Asian session.

I opened and closed tha trades preciously as per the instructions laid out in the LMT Forex Formula system. I watched my trades go live and then close as per the instructions again.

Here is interesting part -. Out of the 3 trades made, one closed (AUS/USD) with a loss!!

Yes, it closed with a loss of 31 pips.

BUT, the other 2 made huge profits (151 pips and 167 pips). Infact the 3rd trade on EUR/USD is still running as I am writing this post.
So in  all I ended up with PROFIT of 287 PIPS ($1060) using the LMT Forex Formula system.

This system really seems to work.

I am maintaining my trading journal for the trades I make through this new strategy and am also noting down the time this new system is taking for me to identify and place the trades. So far per trade I am spending close to only 20-30 min (10-15 min to identify a trade opportuinity and rest to manage the trade). But I am sure this will come down to 15-20 min per trade once I become more used to this trading system

So, in all my review of LMT forex Formula is extremely positive.

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